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Basilique Tenancy Wait List

Tenancy is typically at 100% occupancy; however, spaces do become available from time to time.

Lots range from

  • residential flats (3 floor walk up townhouses) with 100 land impact (prims) for 250 L$ a week
  • commercial spaces around the Piazza (suitable for galleries or stores) with 100 land impact (prims) for 500 L$ a week
  • boat slips with 50 land impact (prims) for 100 L$ a week

If you’re interested in getting on the waiting list for any or all of these options, please register your interest below, and we will contact you when spaces become available.

I will favour applicants who demonstrate an interest in engaging with the community at Basilique – by visiting the region and attending events.

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Preferred type of tenancy