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A few wild numbers

Roles played by 8 players
Minutes of machinima
Years in the making
Linden Dollar budget



Creative Spotlight:

What people say about Paradise Lost in Second Life

“This was such an impressive example of what SL has to offer. The costumes, sounds, scenes, choreography, and special effects were all just amazing. I hope to see much more like this.”
Kara Trapdoor
“Very well executed and entertaining. I hope to see more of this in Second Life.”
Auryn Beorn
“I am completely awed, by both your vision, and by the incredible artistic and technical skill that went into its realization. I had no idea what to expect today, but even if I had, you would have exceeded my expectations. Thank you for one of the most powerful and memorable experiences of my five years in Second Life.”
Suriya Mistwood
“First experience ever to immersion theatre in the virtual world and I’m simply overwhelmed with excitement! The cast, production crew, the builders scripters, everyone… altogether is impressive and outstanding. A HUGE round of applause all the way from Seattle here, thank you for the experience!”
Wendz Tempest, CozeyinSL
“I’m truly at a loss for adequate words that will do justice to the production. What you have conceived, and achieved is absolutely amazing. Professional. Technically amazing. Enchanting. Mesmerizing. Wonderful.. A. Must. See.”
Kerena Zhangsun
“A very ambitious yet very successful performance, with excellent attention to detail. The choreography choices, costuming, and sets were complementary and more lush than I would have imagined.”
Kay Jiersen, Avataric
“A very ambitious project given the many constraints of SL. I loved all the details – , the exchange of the apple, the moving animals, baby Moses in the basket, the water turning to wine! A wonderful show, amazing set design, and incredibly detailed costumes. Not to be missed!”
Kat Feldragonne, A Kat and Mouse
“Very well put together show! The effects, scenes, outfits and musical choice was all together amazingly well done!”
Kaelyn Alecto
“Amazingly ambitious, epic, brilliantly successful.”
Dale Innis
“Words would fail to do this spectacular performance justice. Having read lyrical critiques, I expected much, but every expectation was exceeded. A fan forever. Bravo!”
Froukje Hoorenbeek, Dutchie
“Amazing use of SL and wonderful entertainment!”
Harper Beresford
“Paradise Lost is one of the most ambitious, technically-layered and outstanding productions ever brought to a virtual environment like Second Life. A visually stunning piece, it is a genuinely remarkable experience which demonstrates the sheer power and versatility of Second Life as a venue for complex, immersive visual and performing arts. Five stars and two thumbs up from me!”
Inara Pey, Living in a Modem World
“Absolutely amazing – really pushing the envelope of the metaverse! i wish this gets heard about WIDE outside of SL. Yes a 10-year-old platform with some legacy code: but just like the physical world – it is what you make of it!”
Draxtor Despres, DraxFIles Radio Hour
“This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance. It was thoughtful, entertaining, and very much a feast for the senses, with gorgeous sets, beautiful music, and lovely and engrossing animations. I have much more to say … but I very much recommend this performance to anyone interested in the arts, and particularly in seeing what can be done in SL with a bit of daring and vision.”
Laskya Claren, Through a Glass, Darkly
“Great job to the cast and crew! What a feat!”
Katya Valeska
“I’m still not sure words are enough to convey what I saw and how ambitious this project is. Suffice it to say I believe it’s the single most ambitious and important – for all sorts of reasons – artistic event for 2014 in Second Life and other virtual worlds and a real must-watch.”
Mona Eberhardt

Paradise Lost in Second Life is a feature length movie filmed in Second Life, based on the successful live production staged in 2014, available now for online viewing on this website.

The Making of Paradise Lost

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Unexpected news: I learned last night that someone nominated Paradise Lost The Movie for the Favourite Machinima Production Award category of Avi's Choice Awards - Arts. To celebrate, I'm freely showing the movie on this post for the first time ever - no email or registration required.

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The inspiration for this series of photographs arose as I was taking down some of the sets of my play / movie, Paradise Lost, for the last time. I had put off this task for months, but due to region limits, I needed to make space. Besides, it's time.

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