Share your photos with Firestorm this weekend to promote Second Life

Fancy yourself a good Second Life photographer? Do your pictures make Second Life look as amazing as it can be? A little while ago I asked [...]

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Merchants: A chance to get out in front of new Second Life residents

MadPea's first free-to-play game, The Ghost Town, launches on the 19th December at the Firestorm Gateway. MadPea seeks 20 merchants to provide themed prizes for the players. MadPea and Firestorm will promote participating vendors to their customers of the future before anyone else.

The many roles we play in Second Life

Last week I ran a survey asking Second Life users to tell me the roles with which they most identified. 3,073 people completed the survey. The purpose of my study was to determine the most popular use cases of Second Life. I wanted also to see which group is more likely to recommend Second Life. It turns out that most people identify as roleplayers in Second Life. Educators are most likely to recommend Second Life. Scripters are least likely to recommend it.

Poll shows 72% might recommend Second Life, but more needed to sustain Second Life

Earlier this week I asked Second Life residents how likely they are to recommend Second Life to RL friends and colleagues. Over 3,000 people responded to the survey showing passionate engagement for Second Life.The poll shows 72% of Second Life users are more likely to promote it. With that said, more people need to promote Second Life if to maintain user engagement levels.

New survey: Would you refer a friend to Second Life?

I'm the Phoenix Firestorm Project's new marketing manager. My job, in a nutshell, is to persuade potential new users to try Second Life. I'll do that by attracting people to the Firestorm Community Gateway.