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Welcome to Basilique

The Basilique (SLurl), a small coastal town in northern Italy, named after the Basilica that dominates the region, in Second Life. I invite you to visit, where you can walk the leafy square, and waterfront piers, relax in the bars, peruse the art galleries, or mingle in the cafe. Whilst your here, make sure to row around the lake and visit the beach, park and pond. Sometimes, you’ll be able to enjoy immersive theatre produced by the Basilique Performing Arts Company, like Paradise Lost in Second Life.

Slider Photo by Caitlin Tobias.


Check through some frequently asked questions.

Unless otherwise noted, we request that visitors to Basilique dress as humans in a minimum of casual dress. Domesticated animals (cats, dogs, and farm livestock, etc) are allowed (as in character avatars).

Please remove non-human attachments of any kind (including tails, heads, and claws).

What is casual dress?

Casual dress includes t-shirts, jeans, open-toed shoes for women, sandals or flip-flops for men, trainers / sneakers, and caps. Feel free to wear casual dress in town, Silky’s, the galleries, the Basilica and in Harvey’s Bar.


We have several scheduled  events at Basilique during which we require guests to follow a dress code. In short, the dress code for events at the Bar Moderna and the Playhouse Ballroom is cocktail attire / evening wear. Some events are black tie / formal wear. For more information, see our dress code page.

We offer multi-purpose retail units to suit businesses offering apparel, art. home & garden items. We also offer a limited number of residential units. Please visit the region to learn about rental options and rates. You can get on the waiting list in the form below.

Yes we do! Here is our events calendar:

Events Calendar
No, you can visit us without being a member, and enjoy most of the events we offer to guests. The only members’ only event are our Basilique Chat Salons.
Somewhat. Basilique is a small, island comune that is fictitiously located on Lake Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda) which is the largest lake in Italy. The lake is a popular holiday location and is located in Northern Italy, about half-way between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan. Glaciers formed this alpine region at the end of the last Ice Age. The lake and its shoreline are divided between the provinces of Verona (to the south-east), Brescia (south-west), and Trentino (north). The setting is natural and contemporary, yet respectful of traditional culture. Learn more about the geography and history that inspired Basilique.

Rent at Basilique

As a result of Linden Lab’s additional 5000 LI, we’ve increased capacity at Basilique.

Lots range from

  • 1 Corner Flat (1 floor, 50 LI, 100 L$ a week, above Silky’s Cafe)
  • 13 Row Houses (3 floor walk-up rowhouses) with 150 land impact (prims) for 250 L$ a week – residential or commercial use
  • 3 Waterfront Town Houses (3 floor walk-up townhouses) with 200 land impact (prims) for 300 L$ a week – residential or commercial use
  • 2 commercial spaces around the Piazza (suitable for galleries or stores) with 200 land impact (prims) for 500 L$ a week
  • 3 boat slips with 50 land impact (prims) for 100 L$ a week

If you’re interested in renting (or getting on the waiting list) for any or all of these options, please register your interest below, and we will contact you when spaces become available.

Preferences will be given to those who have demonstrated an interest in engaging with the community at Basilique – by visiting the region and attending events.

* indicates required
Preferred type of tenancy

Regional News

What’s happening in and around Basilique?

Basilique goes green

One of the well-known mitigations against climate change is alternative energy. As an exercise, I thought it would be an interesting thought experiment to see what it would take to make my region in Second Life, Basilique, to be 100% powered by renewable energy resources.

Basilique now offers continuous 30-minute guided tours

This weekend I launched guided tours of the Basilique region. The thirty minute tours run continuously – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and cover every major sight at Basilique, complete with historical references, stories behind past residents and locations, and other interesting references to what visitors can do at Basilique. Julietford, one of my scripted agents (bots), delivers the tours.

Ambient Sound in Second Life

Ambient sound is an integral part of experiencing simulated environments, not only because it significantly adds to a feeling of immersiveness, but many people are in Second Life without their music turned on. Silence makes a place feel dead.

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