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Basilique Locations

Basilique Map - Welcome Mat

When you first arrive at Basilique, you’ll first land at the Piazza (1) gateway.To your left of the entry you’ll find Harvey’s Bar (2). To the right you’ll find the Paradise Lost Store (3), where you can buy tickets to Paradise Lost – the on-demand feature length movie filmed entirely in Second Life. You’re also welcome to visit the art galleries in the Piazza and Silky’s Cafe (4).

Keep an eye out for signposts located around the region. They’ll direct you to the Playhouse Ballroom (5) and Basilica (6), the Bar Moderna (8) , the Pier (9) , the Park and Pond (10) and Beach, and the Member’s Club (7) . Please also find a map that you can use to orient yourself as you explore the region.

You are also able to take 3 ferry rowboats from here:

  • to the beach
  • to the park and pond
  • to the lighthouse

More about each place:

Playhouse (5)

The Playhouse is a church that is now used as a piano ballroom and dinner club for special events and parties. The Basilique Performing Arts Company performed “Romeo + Juliet in Second Life” at the Playhouse, which ran for 40 weeks over 2013-2014.

During events, the dress code is cocktail attire / evening wear.

Basilica (6)

The Basilica is a large Roman Catholic church and was the site of Paradise Lost in Second Life, which played to over 400 guests and we have now converted into an on-demand feature length movie.

Now that all the sets have been put away, everyone is welcome to the visit the redecorated Basilica. You’re welcome to tour the church and take photos. There are also pews for sitting in (touch them for bibles to appear) and votive candles you can light for loved ones. While you’re there, subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with the latest news about this and future productions and events around Basilique.

The Basilica is available for weddings and other ceremonies – please contact Canary Beck to learn more.

The dress code here is casual attire.

Members Club (7) – Chapel and Bathhouse

In front of the Basilica, you’ll find the Members Club. This is a private area open to Members Only. Inside you’ll find a chapel converted into a lounge salon, and a nude only bathhouse. Membership is free and you can use the sign outside the gates to join.

The dress code in the Member’s Club is casual attire, the dress code in the bathhouse is nude.

Bar Moderna (8)

As the name suggests, this is a modern bar and dance club. Enjoy 24/7 house music and weekly events with DJs from across the grid. If you’d like to dance, click and “Touch” one of the two figures on the DJ speakers – Black/Grey for the men, bright white for the ladies. Couples dances are available from the horned head at the bar or the dance lilies on the DJ stand.

During events, the dress code is cocktail attire / evening wear.

Pier (9)

The Pier is a place to walk and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Here you’ll also find row boat rentals (free), where you can hire a boat to visit the Park and Pond.

Park and Pond (10)

The Park and Pond is a leisure area where you’ll find a natural setting in which to enjoy a picnic or a dip in the hot springs. Touch the leaves around the pond and in the water itself to bathe and more.

The dress code here is Casual. Nudity is allowed in and around the Pond and Beach.

Basilique Manor (11)

Beyond the Park and Pond, you’ll find the home of the mayor, Canary Beck. This location is private and has a security system engaged. Please contact Becky if you’d like to visit.

You are free to take pictures of the entire region. Please share your photos with other visitors on our Flickr Group.