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The Basilique Member’s Club is a venue for Weekly Chat Salons – where we choose though-provoking topics to discuss – every Wednesday at 2pm SLT. This is a SLurl to our location in-world. Membership is required to join, but is free.

Chat Salon Guidelines for Participation

Every Wednesday, Becky chooses a topic, and we talk about it!

We announce topics the day of the event through group chat and notice. You are welcome to join us as a listener or participant.

Participants go in turns clockwise. You will have up to 5 minutes to share your uninterrupted views. When you are finished, please let everyone know by saying you’re “Done”. Then, we’ll use the next 5 minutes to discuss or respond to your comments.

You’re welcome to prepare your views in advance, but it’s not necessary, and often views change during the course of the discussion. If you choose to share your views by copy-paste, please be considerate to people’s whose first language is not English, and paste your views in readable chunks (not walls of paragraph text).

Should you not wish to contribute, simply let the host know you’ll be passing and they’ll skip your turn.

Things work best if everyone lets the person speaking have their 5 minutes (should they want it), and we save questions and comments for the next 5 minutes. PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT anyone during their 5 minutes.

Also, during the salon (2pm to 4pm SLT) please keep greetings (“Hi”, “Bye”, “Welcome Back”, and “Be Right Back”s) to minimum. One “Hi” will compel everyone to return your greeting, causing a big interruption in the flow of discussion. This can feel odd at first, but thanks for understanding.

Let’s keep our discussion respectful, even if we disagree. Feel free to disagree with what’s said, but please don’t attack the person saying it.

Most of all, have fun, be free to speak your mind, and bring whoever you like to join us! This is a members only event, but membership is free. A dress code (dressy casual) is enforced (see the sign out front for details).

The Club

The Members Club  – open 24/7 – offers a unique and eclectic blend of sumptuous and irreverent surroundings for your enjoyment in a mature environment.

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Club Guidelines in Short

  1. Smart dress is encouraged
  2. Respect Each Other’s Privacy and Use Discretion
  3. No Gestures, Laggy Attachments, Particle Emitters, Facelights, Xcite!, Weapons, or Flying

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