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Canary Beck has been an active Second Life resident since 2007. She is an SL blogger, artist, creator, merchant, sim owner, researcher, filmmaker and performing artist. Offline she works as a London-based internet marketing consultant and business owner.

New survey: Would you refer a friend to Second Life?

I'm the Phoenix Firestorm Project's new marketing manager. My job, in a nutshell, is to persuade potential new users to try Second Life. I'll do that by attracting people to the Firestorm Community Gateway.

How advice is everywhere and why most of it is nonsense

Much too often, we offer too much advice and too little understanding. We talk much too much and listen so very little. How about this for some advice to the givers of advice: If you hope to change minds, if you want to help, if you want to give advice, seek first to understand, before being understood.

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The Linden Lab Chat summarised in 7 minutes

Ebbe Altberg answered questions at the first LabChat show. The DraxFiles Radio Hour aired the show today. For the full recording, check out today's DFRH. I understand organisers will make a full transcript available in a day or two. As I was listening, I made notes (as I tend to do when I listen to these types of things), and thought I'd share them with you if you felt like reading about what he said. It will take about 7 minutes, in case you don't want to spend the hour + listening to the show (although I encourage you to listen to the show as well!)

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Hatred does not cease by hatred – hatred ceases by love

I can empathise with what the people of France must be going through the day after such heinous acts against hundreds of innocent people of Paris, yet I worry when world leaders say things like this: "We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless."

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Basilique now offers continuous 30-minute guided tours

This weekend I launched guided tours of the Basilique region. The thirty minute tours run continuously – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and cover every major sight at Basilique, complete with historical references, stories behind past residents and locations, and other interesting references to what visitors can do at Basilique. Julietford, one of my scripted agents (bots), delivers the tours.

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Basilique Chat Salons – Answering Philosophical Questions

I can scarcely believe I’ve hosted weekly Basilique Chat Salons for over a year and a half! In that time, we’ve covered a vast array of topics, from avatar appearances, to in world relationships, to how we spend our time, to why we enjoy spending time in Second Life.

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MORE Magazine features Basilique on its cover

I’ve been a bit busy lately and failed to notice that MORE Magazine published an interview I gave in the summer as their cover story here. I’d like to send out a big thanks to Lacy Muircastle for sharing my answers to her questions about Basilique, Paradise Lost, and yours truly.

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