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Check me out… I’m a movie star…

I clearly missed my calling in life as an actor. Not only do I play one in Second Life (Romeo in Romeo + Juliet, Eve in Paradise Lost in Second Life), but I also just love dressing up my many avatars as characters from the movies and television series.

It was with delight that I read Strawberry Singh’s latest Monday Meme wherein she asks us to dress up as movie characters – this one is easy! I know that I’ll never stop doing this – and I plan to branch into television series, and novels too. As a response to her challenge, I’ve included my movie homages to date (ordered starting with the earliest to the most recent):

The first in this set was inspired by an earlier Blog Challenge to make a movie poster. I figured since I was producing a play called Romeo + Juliet, I had might as well make a movie poster for it…

Romeo + Juliet FINAL POSTER

JulietFord as Juliet and me as Romeo, in an homage to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

This next one is part of a series of nearly a dozen pictures Harvey and I set up at the Basilique Square. We were feeling imaginative one day and figured we’d set up a full on Imperial attack, with us playing rebel forces from Empire Strikes Back. It took us a day to source all the props, set up the shots, edit the pictures, and take it all down. It was one of the best days ever 🙂

The AT-ST's enter the Piazza - Homage to Empire Strikes Back

Part of a series of Photos as an homage to Empire Strikes Back

As I was thinking about the show was to follow Romeo + Juliet, I became obsessed with the music of Mozart, and watched Amadeus, the movie based on his life several times. I was listening to his Requiem on repeat, as I composed this picture. The Requiem, would become the soundtrack of Paradise Lost in Second Life.

The Conductor - Inspired by Amadeus

My Homage to Mozart from the movie Amadeus

One of my favourite television series of all time was the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, and two of my favourite characters, were Baltar (here played by Harvey) and Number Six (yours truly). This picture was done in a day, similar to our Empire Strikes Back day. It was considerably less ambitious, but no less fun.

Oh for frack's sake what is it now? Baltar and Six from Battlestar Galactica

Oh for frack’s sake what is it now? Baltar and Six from Battlestar Galactica (not a movie, I know, but 4 years of awesomness!)

Pretty much everyone that knows me and my blog is familiar with Paradise Lost in Second Life. Whilst not technically a movie yet – I figured I’d include it here because it soon will be! Watch for the full machinima version coming out in 2015.

Paradise Lost Teaser No. 3

Harvey Crabsticks as Adam and me as Eve – This is being made into a movie – due out this year!

I had this idea of pairing two scenes from different movies, that might be considered similar (singing in the rain) but couldn’t be any more different in terms of perspective and mood. The first was an homage to Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain (Homage to Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood)

Singing in the Rain (Homage to Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood)

The second shot was an homage to Eponine, from Les Miserables.

Eponine (from Les Miserables)

Eponine (from Les Miserables)

By far one of my favourite movies of all time, The Matrix has inspired a generation of artists with its vision, slickness and pop culture resonance. I took this picture months before I used it for one of my blog posts late last year about how the virtual world may one day become more necessary than we currently think.

Red Pill v Blue Pill - Inspired by the Matrix

Red Pill v Blue Pill – Inspired by the Matrix

The next three images are definitely more recent – used in support of my ongoing Basilique Film Festival – a celebration of 30 years of virtual reality movies. These next two images were taken specifically for posts I wrote to review the first two movies in our programme: TRON and Total Recall.

Light Cycle

Me on a Light Cycle – inspired by TRON

Arnie on Mars (from Total Recall)

Arnold Schwartzenegger in Total Recall (on Mars)

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    Major thankies for the article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. girlforgetful January 26, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    Nice work. I was just thinking last night that with raven hair my avi looks like Megan Fox (unintentionally). Perhaps an homage will be forthcoming.

  3. don´t panic January 26, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    I just like it – of course I must like it as to create Avatars is one part in creating Art – otherwise who will see the Art created? I allways wanted to meet Six. Six? Yes from Battlestar Galactica – here I might find her: “… were Baltar (here played by Harvey) and Number Six (yours truly) ….” – So Yours Truly is the name I have to search for? Did not know this before. I named her The Perfect 10. So the search goes on ….
    Art Blue

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